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Spinalplus 2.0

Spinalplus 2.0

A new version with notches for stress-free precision fitting

The Spinalplus 2.0 is renowned for being effective for patients and easy to adjust, but we have designed a new version that makes adjusting even quicker and more precise. 

Remember that one of the steps when you first don SpinalPlus 2.0 was to cut the corset for a perfect fit? Once you had undone the Y-shaped fastenings and removed the abdominal corset, you had to measure the circumference of the patient’s pelvis and mark this on the stretched out corset while taking care not to cut off too much. 

Our designers have been aware for a while now that this step can be tricky. 

And now we have found the solution: we have added tailor-made notches to the new and improved Spinalplus 2.0 inside the lumbar corset that show you exactly where to cut to ensure the right circumference. So, you no longer need to measure and measure again. 

Being able to make adjustments with stress-free precision is of paramount importance to us


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