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Ortho 14, the range designed for children

Ortho 14, the range designed for children

The way back to fun and games

The Ortho 14 paediatric line by Orthoservice Ro+Ten has been designed to help children to enjoy their everyday lives in the easiest, most natural way possible while recovering from injury or surgery. 

The braces and supports in the Ortho 14 range also provide effective support when limbs needs to be immobilised and following fractures and/or sprains. 

We created this range by sourcing premium quality materials and focusing on comfort and lightness, while ensuring that products can be donned quickly and simply so that medical professionals can treat their youngest patients with absolute ease.

Because we pledge to help everyone “take care feel better” and this begins with children.

Click here to browse the entire Ortho 14 paediatric line.

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