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  1. CERVISTABLE - Bivalve cervical collar with open trachea
  2. CERVISTABLE - Bivalve cervical collar with open trachea
15-radio-lucent 30-single-patient-multiple-use


Bivalve cervical collar with open trachea

  • Product code : M1530/T
Neck circumf. cm30/3535/4040/45 
Height cm2 1/4″= 6 cm · 3 1/4″= 8 cm · 4 1/4″= 11 cm 5 1/4″= 13 cm

*vertical distance between the upper side of the shoulder and the chin

Option: MIP35/PC  Connect, connecting plate to ModularPlus or e-STAB hyperextension 

Option: M1522H head band

  • Structure made of wrapping bivalve with Back Velcro ®  fastening system
  • Structure made of non-citotoxic polymeric foam in compliance with UNI EN ISO 10993-5
  • Rigid plates for back, front and central  support
  • Radiolucent and waterproof
  • Shaped for a perfect adhesion to chin, neck and shoulders
  • Open trachea and holes for ventilation
  • Prepared to be connected with chest stabiliser or hyperextension

  • Severe to serious distortions of cervical spine (whiplash)
  • Multiple disc diseases of cervical spine
  • Cervical trauma
  • Arthritis of cervical spine
  • Pathological metastasis failure due to cervical metastases
  • Use after cervical spine surgery


2 accessories available for "Cervistable"

connect Connection plate between cervical collar Cervistable and the hyperextension braces Modular plus or e-STAB
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head band
head band
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