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  1. PODIFER20 - Insole
  2. PODIFER20 - Insole
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Phlebological insole with transverse reinforcement

  • Product code : M90020
Shoe size35363738394041
supplied in pairs       

  • Top layer of fabric made with woven silver threads with natural antibacterial and odour-inhibiting effect
  • The middle visco-elastic layer with form memory effect, in an optimised thickness, aids venous return thanks to the pump effect
  • The bottom layer is made of PU and acts as a protective layer for the layers above, providing protection against wear and deformation. It also makes it easier to position the insole in footwear
  • Lower shell made of rigid PU for the stabilisation and support of the foot in pronation and supination
  • The presence of the transverse reinforcement supports the metatarsals and cushions the contact with the floor, in addition it strengthens the pump function of the insole, improving the venous return and, at the same time, stimulating the reflex zones for heart and lungs

  • Vasculopathy
  • Flatfoot or high arched foot
  • Metatarsalgia


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